GStreamer SDP information being lost

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Tue Jan 31 14:50:56 UTC 2023

Hey Ben

Are you sure your RTSP stream is H264 encoded? What does the output of the following say:

gst-discoverer-1.0 rtsp://<address>


> On 31 Jan 2023, at 08:24, Ben Fleming via gstreamer-devel <gstreamer-devel at> wrote:
> Hello.
> I am having trouble with my GStreamer pipeline (I believe) stripping SDP information from my stream. I am using an RTSP camera source to stream video through a SoM to be displayed by VLC on a separate computer. When playing the camera source directly on the display PC I can simply enter the IP address of the camera into VLC and the stream will play. However when streaming through the SoM I require an SDP file to play the stream. I am not sure what is happening, whether data is being lost in the pipeline or something else is happening. I have analysed the packets leaving the camera source and the packets coming into the display computer from the SoM, and they appear identical to me. Do you have any advice to help fix this issue?
> Following is the pipeline I am using:
> gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc latency=2 location=<address> ! rtph264depay ! h264parse config-interval=-1 ! video/x-h264 ! rtph264pay pt=96 name="pay0" ! udpsink host=<address> port=<port>
> And following are the warnings I get from GST_DEBUG:
> 0:00:00.362928125  1328 0xffff78031c00 FIXME                default gstutils.c:3980:gst_pad_create_stream_id_internal:<fakesrc0:src> Creating random stream-id, consider implementing a deterministic way of creating a stream-id
> 0:00:00.363231375  1328 0xffff78031c50 FIXME                default gstutils.c:3980:gst_pad_create_stream_id_internal:<fakesrc1:src> Creating random stream-id, consider implementing a deterministic way of creating a stream-id
> Progress: (request) Sending PLAY request
> Progress: (request) Sent PLAY request
> 0:00:00.377383250  1328 0xffff78031680 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3072:gst_base_src_loop:<udpsrc4> error: Internal data stream error.
> 0:00:00.377437750  1328 0xffff78031680 WARN                 basesrc gstbasesrc.c:3072:gst_base_src_loop:<udpsrc4> error: streaming stopped, reason not-linked (-1)
> 0:00:00.378969875  1328 0xffff6c003c00 FIXME               basesink gstbasesink.c:3246:gst_base_sink_default_event:<udpsink0> stream-start event without group-id. Consider implementing group-id handling in the upstream elements
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