kmssink compositing

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Tue Jan 31 23:28:36 UTC 2023

Le mardi 31 janvier 2023 à 10:57 +0000, Peter Allen via gstreamer-devel a
écrit :
> Hi all
> I've been trying to work out if it is possible to use the hardware compositor
> to composite two different sources using kmssink?
> I have a video stream (720p/60) and an overlay, and my hardware (Allwinner
> SoC) can't handle software compositing. My understanding is that the hardware
> compositor can do this easily, so it would be great to use this.

This is not currently supported. In the legacy API (non-atomic) still being used
today, you should be able to get away with sharing the same FD to both kmssink
and selecting plane-id correctly, buts that never going to work well as-is,
you'll like ave to do a lot of drm calls to get things right.

My strong recommendation though is to use a compositor, like Weston or a wlroot
one. It will automatically use HW layers when possible. You can then position
them within your main application surface (waylandsink uses subsurfaces).

> Thank you

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