Play speed is too fast with qml sink

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Thu Jun 1 15:41:10 UTC 2023

 You made my day, Vinod. Thank you so much. 

Actually, I use glsinkbin as well. The fault value of its sync is true.I do not know why the pipeline did not work. After it is set, it is all right now.

    On Thursday, June 1, 2023, 10:42:09 a.m. EDT, vinod kesti <vinodkesti at> wrote:  
 set sync=true property in sync element. If its custom sink make sure it has sync implementation in it.

If your sync implimentaion lacks sync functionality then use element identity sync=true before the sink element.

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    On Thursday, 1 June, 2023 at 09:38:16 am GMT-5, cfd new via gstreamer-devel <gstreamer-devel at> wrote:  
 I made a simple pipelinegst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=test.mkv ! matroskademux ! h264parse ! vah264dec ! vapostproc ! audovideosinkit works fine in normal speed from command line and in a gstreamer C++ code.
But the play speed is very fast when I coded it in my GUI app with qml sink. The pipeline is the same except the sink is different.What can I do to set proper play rate?
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