Warning about gstassrender plugin in gst-launch on Windows

Tobias Rapp t.rapp at noa-archive.com
Tue Jun 6 08:10:39 UTC 2023


each time after an update of GStreamer libraries on some Windows machine 
I get a warning in gst-launch-1.0 and similar command-line tools that it 
fails load plugin "gstassrender.dll". It seems that the gstassrender 
plugin and its dependency library "libass-9.dll" are packaged in 
different modules of the installer, so when I only install the module 
with this plugin but not select the module with its dependency I will 
get the warning.

My work-around is to manually rename the plugin DLL so it is ignored, 
until I install another update :) Where would be the proper place to 
report this trivial issue?

Regards, Tobias

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