UDP RAW stream packet size

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Le jeu. 15 juin 2023, 08 h 15, Andrés Meseguer Valenzuela via
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> Dear community,
> I am using a gstreamer pipeline to send UDP video stream raw rgb and a
> python code to receive it and use it with opencv.
> I see that gstreamer sends the video using packets of 1400 bytes, hence it
> that is increasing the latency. May I know any manner to increase
> the packet size in order to reduce quantity of packets and so, the final
> latency? For the pipeline I use rtrawpay and udpsink. I have tried to

To increase throughput (it has nothing to do with latency, if your network
and computer was faster, smaller chunk leads to lower latency), you need to
change the MTU. There is an mtu property on all RTP payloaders. You may
want to tweak your network configuration.


> add a queue between both but there has been no change.
> Please, let me know any solution,
> thank you for your time.
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