GStreamer 1.22 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Michael Gruner michael.gruner at
Tue Jun 27 17:07:13 UTC 2023

You can build GStreamer yourself from source. The process is well documented in the website:

You can even have multiple GStreamer versions in parallel, using the DevEnv.

There's also docker images you can check:

> On 27 Jun 2023, at 10:43, Bruce Weir via gstreamer-devel <gstreamer-devel at> wrote:
> Installing gstreamer from the package manager in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS provides version 1.20.3. I would like to be running version 1.22 (for the WHIP integration).
> Is there some way to install gstreamer 1.22 manually (or from some other package repo) on Ubuntu?

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