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Thu Jun 29 13:28:05 UTC 2023

I would say that probes is the way to do it.

The identity element is, as the description says, just a dummy element 
which contains some diagnostic functions.

In order to have control over the information you are looking for you 
make your own probes.

I have never done heartbeats but used for inspecting framerate, bitrate, 
delay, processing time, etc...

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> Subject: Identity element vs probes
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> Hello. Can anybody help me with the difference between probes and identity
> element? I have a use case where I have an appsrc acting as a file source
> -> identity -> sink. The identity element is not manipulating the incoming
> buffers, but it is a mechanism to report heartbeats or health of the
> pipeline to suggest there is data flowing from source to sink. But, I am
> noticing that despite having media flow, the identity element's callback
> does not get triggered at times and it is hard to debug why this could be
> happening. So now I am looking into probes as a mechanism to report
> heartbeats periodically, but I do not quite understand the underlying
> difference between the 2 and what I should use for this use case. Anybody
> who has implemented a similar functionality before?
> Regards,
> Divya

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
“Marianna Smidth Buschle”

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