[Gstreamer-openmax] regarding A/V sync , dynamic port reconfiguration

jayasena s jaisena at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 08:26:35 PST 2008

Hi Felipe,
A/V sync: 
    1) How is A/V sync handled. 
    2) Is it based on TimeStamp given by demux or calulated based on clock sync with audio sink.
    3) which component in gstreamer/gstopenmax handles A/V sync.
    4) I tested A/V sync with avi file, it works. But it has problems when playing an mp4 file with h264 and AAC.
Dynamic port reconfiguration:
   1) The sequence flow for dynamic port reconfiguration in the current implementation  is not exactly as specified in openmax-1.1.2 spec ( CALLING SEQUENCE section 3.4.5 ). Is this going to be taken care in future releases.

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