[Gstreamer-openmax] problem playing h264 mp4 file, missing config data or codec_data

jayasena s jaisena at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 11:35:34 PST 2008

 I had problem playing h264 mp4 file with gst-openmax and bellagio IL component.
I found that gst-openmax sends demuxed raw video and audio frame streams to the bellagio openmax IL. It doesnt send the config data required for decoding. Also I found that config data or codec_data is passed to the gst-openmax from qtdemux, but gst-openmax is not passing the codec_data to the bellagio openmax IL. I would like to know why codec_data is not passed to the bellagio openmax IL. Whether gst-openmax is going to fix this problem in future release.

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