[Gstreamer-openmax] File not playing with Playbin...

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Tue Jul 14 06:48:05 PDT 2009

kommanapalli srirammurthy schrieb:
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> Thank you Stephen for your reply....
> On 13/07/09 01:31, Sriramamurti K wrote:
> >
> > what can be the Issue?  Is My approach is correct. Can i implement
> > filter like this ?
> You can implement a filter like that.  You cannot use a filter like
> that with
> playbin.  Your approach is incorrect.
> Then How can i test my filter with Top level applications like Totem
> Player etc ..
> Because back-end to these applications is Playbin Right ?
> > If Yes What playbin is expecting from *myfilter* point of view ?
> > Please any one have idea on this Please help me to solve this problem.
> > I got stuck at this point... If Any info needed let me know...
> Playbin expects to select a video decoder filter for your Mpeg4 video
> stream,
> which it will pipe through the ffmpegcolorspace and videoscale filters
> to a
> selected video sink.  Caps are negotiated along the pipeline during
> the setup
> and preroll.  Once the caps are negotiated, the first frame is sent
> along the
> pipeline from source to sink.  The same happens for audio.
> I understand about Playbin requirements now.If i implement Dummy
> filters for Decoders and Renders (both audio and Video)  above chain
> will work or not ? (I mean with Playbin)
> If you have written a plugin that acts as a video (or audio) sink and
> expect
> it to take the place of a decoder, you will wait a very, very long
> time for
> the setup and preroll phase to complete.  I hope your decoder does not
> use
> hardware that requires a system restart between runs on failure.
> This I am not able to understand. I am having own OpenMax Hardware for
> all components like Demuxer, Decoders and Renders. As i said i am
> implemented my filter as Demuxer. Meanwhile i am implemented Dummy
> Sinks for both audio and video Sinks.  with these i am able to test my
> filters with following chain.
* Do the plugins have a rank>0. Otherwise playbin or playbin2 are not
considering them.
* Make sure there are no elements with same or higher rank on the system
where you test
* Make sure that your demux gets choosen. Does it have the right
template caps set on its sink-pad?

> gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=/home/sample_mpeg4.mp4 ! MyDemuxer
> name=demux {demux.audio_00 ! MyAudioSink }  {demux.video_00 !
> MyVideoSink }
> So please suggest how my filter architecture should be ? So that i am
> able test with Top level media player applications..
> Thanks & Regards
> Sriramamurti Kommanapalli

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