hal/hald/linux/libsysfs dlist.c, 1.2, NONE dlist.h, 1.2, NONE libsysfs.h, 1.2, NONE sysfs.h, 1.2, NONE sysfs_bus.c, 1.2, NONE sysfs_class.c, 1.2, NONE sysfs_device.c, 1.2, NONE sysfs_dir.c, 1.3, NONE sysfs_driver.c, 1.2, NONE sysfs_utils.c, 1.2, NONE

David Zeuthen david at freedesktop.org
Tue Jan 18 11:48:15 PST 2005

Update of /cvs/hal/hal/hald/linux/libsysfs
In directory gabe:/tmp/cvs-serv19239/hald/linux/libsysfs

Removed Files:
	dlist.c dlist.h libsysfs.h sysfs.h sysfs_bus.c sysfs_class.c 
	sysfs_device.c sysfs_dir.c sysfs_driver.c sysfs_utils.c 
Log Message:
2005-01-18  David Zeuthen  <david at fubar.dk>

	* tools/linux/Makefile.am: Remove hal.dev build rules

	* tools/linux/hal_dev.c: Remove

	* configure.in: Set linux2 as the default backend

	* hald/linux: Remove all files here as they will get reimplemented
	in hald/linux2

	* hald/linux2: Add a bunch of new files

	* hald/linux2/probing: Add some new files

2005-01-18  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	Merge some more changes from the stable branch (except those
	in hald/linux and doc/spec)

	2005-01-12  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* hald/callout.c (callout_timeout_handler): Be tough and kill
	the misbehaving child the hard way - suggestion from Joe Shaw.

	2005-01-12  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* hald/linux/osspec.c (HOTPLUG_TIMEOUT): Increase to 25 seconds
	to better cope with callouts timeout of 10 seconds

	* hald/callout.c (iochn_data): Cope with callouts terminating
	and free timeout handler
	(callout_timeout_handler): New function; kill callouts if they
	time out
	(process_next_callout): Setup timeout for callouts - set to
	ten seconds

	2005-01-11  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* hald/callout.c: Simplify a lot more by demanding that callouts
	are run sequentially - which they are anyway since everything is
	serialized. Make a mental note to review and stress test this in
	the morning.

	2005-01-11  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* hald/callout.c: Fix some craziness adding an idle handler for
	detecting when callouts complete - fixes bug on my new AMD64
	system with device add/remove prior to completion of callouts -
	one visible effect was that fstab-sync was crashing since it
	couldn't retrieve the block.device device as the device was
	removed prior to the completion of the callout

	2005-01-07  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* fdi/20freedesktop/ide-drives.fdi: Also check IDE floppies for whether
	they are Zip drives

	2005-01-07  Joe Shaw  <joeshaw at novell.com>

	* configure.in: Check for popt when building fstab-sync and error
	out if it's not found.

	* tools/Makefile.am: Build fstab-sync conditionally based on
	whether --enable-fstab-sync is passed in.

	2005-01-06  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* libhal/libhal.c (hal_device_query_capability): Patch from Tim
	Müller <t.i.m at zen.co.uk>. The attached patch fixes a small memory
	leak in libhal's hal_device_query_capability().

	2005-01-03  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* configure.in: Added it to ALL_LINGUAS

	* po/it.po: Italien translation from Pier Luigi Fiorini
	<pierluigi.fiorini at mockup.org>

	2004-12-15  David Zeuthen  <davidz at redhat.com>

	* fdi/20freedesktop/usb-zip-drives.fdi: Only match on actual
	harddisks to avoid wrong detection of e.g. "Iomega ZipCD 650 USB CDRW"
	drives (Red Hat bug #143834)

	* fdi/20freedesktop/ide-drives.fdi: ditto

--- dlist.c DELETED ---

--- dlist.h DELETED ---

--- libsysfs.h DELETED ---

--- sysfs.h DELETED ---

--- sysfs_bus.c DELETED ---

--- sysfs_class.c DELETED ---

--- sysfs_device.c DELETED ---

--- sysfs_dir.c DELETED ---

--- sysfs_driver.c DELETED ---

--- sysfs_utils.c DELETED ---

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