[patch] remove wireless support

Robert Love rml at ximian.com
Tue Jun 1 14:26:56 PDT 2004

So if we are not going to allow writable properties, the wireless stuff
does not make sense, because we end up with the "apps use HAL to read
the properties and iwlib to write them" mess, which is just plain silly.

So the logical conclusion is to remove wireless support from HAL.
Applications and libraries should use HAL for device discovery and basic
information and iwlib for device manipulation.  Ideally, someday, iwlib
could be HALified.

Joe has (reluctantly) agreed.  I am not sure if he can bring himself to
remove the code, so here I go (myself being less attached in the
paternal sense).  The wireless stuff was really nice, but it just does
not make sense in the New World Order.

David, Joe, sign off?

	Robert Love

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