[patch] remove wireless support

Nick Penwarden penwan at rpi.edu
Tue Jun 1 14:40:05 PDT 2004

Robert Love wrote:

>So if we are not going to allow writable properties, the wireless stuff
>does not make sense, because we end up with the "apps use HAL to read
>the properties and iwlib to write them" mess, which is just plain silly.
>So the logical conclusion is to remove wireless support from HAL.
>Applications and libraries should use HAL for device discovery and basic
>information and iwlib for device manipulation.  Ideally, someday, iwlib
>could be HALified.
>Joe has (reluctantly) agreed.  I am not sure if he can bring himself to
>remove the code, so here I go (myself being less attached in the
>paternal sense).  The wireless stuff was really nice, but it just does
>not make sense in the New World Order.
>David, Joe, sign off?
>	Robert Love

You guys have the final say, but I would disagree with removing it.  It 
still provides some convenient information to application developers.  
For example, letting them know that a wireless device does in fact exist 
and that a particular network device is wireless so that the program can 
properly configure it (using iwlib, etc.).

-Nick Penwarden

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