Problem with input device

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Wed Jun 2 10:10:38 PDT 2004


I've been playing with HAL to see how it handles input devices, and I 
ended up writing almost the same code as Roberts libinput.  However 
there's a problem with the current handling I'm not sure how to solve: 
the builtin keyboard and ps2 mouse (trackpoint) doesn't show up in HAL.

I can see there is no sysfs device for those devices, the closest thing 
is the keyboard controller /sys/devices/system/i8042, I guess.  So of 
course HAL can't see those devices.  What's the best way to change that? 
I'm thinking that maybe you could add a mouse and a keyboard device 
under /sys/devices/system/i8042/i80420, and 
/sys/class/input/event0/device should link to that, as it's the case for 
e.g. USB input devices.  Does that sound reasonable?

Another problem, which may just be an issue with my setup, is that hald 
only picks up input.* properties for my usb mouse if I start up hald 
with the mouse plugged in.  If I plug in the mouse when hald is running, 
it doesn't get the input properties.  Is this a known problem?


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