[patch] remove wireless support

Nick Penwarden penwan at rpi.edu
Thu Jun 3 17:20:37 PDT 2004

Owen Fraser-Green wrote:

>I have a laptop with a wired ethernet port and a built-in wlan device. I
>use it in five environments:
>1) When I'm at work I dock the laptop, effectively putting another
>ethernet device on the PCI bus and use that one.
>2) When I'm at one of my customers, I plug a network cable into the
>built-in ethernet port.
>3) When I'm at other customers I use no network.
>4) When I'm at home I use a wireless network with the ESSID "Discobabe"
>5) When I'm at a friends house I connect to a wireless network with the
>ESSID "x5".
>Today, I'm forever switching around settings or putting up with "FAILED"
>messages during boot up and it's annoying. With HAL+wireless one could
>easily write a program which looked at all the net.ethernet capable
>devices, checked their net.ethernet.link status and, in the case of
>wireless networks looked at the ESSID's and then called some much more
>intelligent program which really understood how to manipulate network
>devices to chose the right one. Note also that I can easily switch
>between these without rebooting so it demands HAL otherwise it's going
>to be Yet Another Dæmon with polling and callouts and the such.
>I'm sorry if I'm flogging a dead horse on this one - I know it takes up
>a lot of time thinking things over and over and going round in circles -
>but to me, at least some of the wireless patch just make sense.
This is why it makes sense to leave in the wireless capabilities on 
wireless cards. With this information a higher level program could check 
the net.ethernet.link status of all ethernet cards and use those if 
appropriate. If not, it could use iwlib to scan for and check ESSID's of 
all access points found by any card marked with the wireless capability. 
That would be enough to satisfy your above scenarios I should think.


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