best way to determine devices with drivers

andrew luecke auzy1 at
Mon Jun 14 02:00:05 PDT 2004

Hey all. currently I'm working on a driver install system for linux, which 
I'm hoping may one day help complement other linux usability projects, that 
automatically finds drivers on the internet for devices that dont already 
have them installed.

My problem is that to use HAL, I need a way of determining if a device 
already has a driver installed and is active (so I can tell if I need to 
install one). I have noticed under 0.2.92 that  there is a namespace I can 
use called "linux.driver".. However, I noticed when I ran lshal on my 
devices that not even one of them had linux.driver listed.. So, does anyone 
know if this is the best way, or is there a better way (I noticed that HAL 
device manager listed my USB camera with no driver as an unknown device).

Any idea if its just because nothing is using the linux.driver flag yet, 
lshal isn't listing it, or/and any better methods of determining if the 
driver is working (info.not_available maybe??)


Andrew Luecke

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