Porting HAL to FreeBSD

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Wed Jun 23 15:22:26 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 16:20 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> Good news.  I've successfully(?) ported D-BUS to FreeBSD.  The only
> patch needed that should be committed back to CVS was already sent to
> this list (patch-dbus_dbus-sysdeps.c).  The other patches were just
> FreeBSD port patches needed to get D-BUS to comply to our directory
> structure.


> I did run into problems trying to build the Python bindings.  I received
> the error:
> dbus_bindings.c: not found
> I do have Pyrex installed correctly.  Because of this, I have
> temporarily disabled the Python bindings.

IIRC the version required is Pyrex 0.9, earlier versions have been
reported not to work; I can send you my dbus_bindings.c if you want?

HAL uses the D-BUS python bindings for the optional hal-device-manager
proof-of-concept device manager shipped with HAL and shown in the
screenshot I sent earlier - it's much easier to debug what's going on
using that tool - so you most probably want the python bindings.

>   For now, I configure with
> Glib and GTK+ support, and leave Qt support as optional.  Mono and GCJ
> support is disabled.  I also switched to using the expat XML backend
> which seemed to work much better.
> One caveat with this port is that strtod() does not understand
> hexidecimal strings on 4.X.  Therefore, parsing the string 0xff into a
> double will fail.  Glib's g_ascii_strtod() also has this limitation on
> 4.X (something I just learned).  How important is it that dbus be able
> to parse hex strings into doubles?  

Not very important I guess, a quick grep on the hal and dbus sources
shown that it's not really used anywhere.

> PASS: dbus-test
> ==================
> All 1 tests passed
> ==================

This is always nice to see! For testing that D-BUS works correctly, I
think actually HAL might be the easiest to use (lshal and hal-device-
manager), since I think that dbus-monitor is still broken but there are
patches floating on the dbus mailing list.


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