Atheros Continued.

Pat Suwalski pat at
Sat Jun 26 10:12:22 PDT 2004

David Zeuthen wrote:
>>I'm wondering if the 'right' thing to do at this point isn't to actually 
>>blacklist ath* from entering mii_get_link(). :(
> The Atheros is a wireless card, right? I'm wondering if it make sense to
> speak about link at all? 

By my understanding, the patch to undo the previously incorporated iwlib 
changes was to remove any link/connection information regarding wireless 
  cards. I don't think it's a stretch to remove that functionality 
altogether for wireless cards. As I guess you're implying, without 
information from iwlib, what is a "wireless link"? Perhaps the error 
returned by the ioctls is indicating just that. Whereas most card 
drivers provide this kind of "legacy" information, the ath driver might not.

> Since we do test if the networking device is wireless, in this case we
> shouldn't test for link. In general, we should also be able to blacklist
> problematic by merging a property 'bool net.link_monitor'. Should I go
> ahead and add this?

Yes, at the point that hal calls mii_get_link() it's known that it's a 
wireless card. Hack away! :)


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