David Zeuthen david at
Wed Jul 13 11:55:07 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 10:40 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
> > For this to work I've used the .fdi file attached (put it in fdi/policy/
> > 10osvendor/10-power-mgmt-policy.fdi) and two scripts and
> > (adjust the path in the .fdi file) which is also attached.
> Sure, we could use pmscripts for the shutdown, restart, suspend,
> hibernate?

The idea on Fedora is to use pm-suspend, yea. At this point I don't know
about hibernation as there's, AFAIK, no suitable implementation in the
upstream kernel and Fedora stays close to upstream as a matter of
policy. So on Fedora this may be blank, other distros may enable it
however. The cool thing here is that desktop apps should be able to
query for this.

Btw, ideally all Linux distros would rally around a common set of
scripts (with hooks and all the evilness you need etc) but I don't see
that happening right away. However, things like the cryptsetup wrapper
script can most probably be shipped with hal and distros can use this
unmodified just as distros today use fstab-sync. 

At any point, and I want to stress this point, any OS vendor can use
their own scripts as long as they adhere to the ABI we're going to
decide upon. I think that is nice.


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