removable bit not set for portable USB hard disk.

Pierre Ossman drzeus-list at
Sun Oct 2 02:36:07 PDT 2005

Gilles Schintgen wrote:
> I can't follow you here. I can plug and unplug the USB hard disk in
> question, so it's what could be called "removable". In HAL's terminology
> it's hotpluggable, but *not* removable. This is the main problem I'm
> having: I want to be able to simply plug it in and mount it. But since
> pmount is requires both removable and hotpluggable (as you said it should)
> it obviously fails.

What I meant was that it should check both flags. If either is set then
the device is considered "removable". Having both set would be very
uncommon (if even possible).

I had a quick look at pmount-hal.c and it doesn't seem to look at the
removable or hotpluggable attributes at all. So I'm suspecting your
problem lies elsewhere.

> Now I'm wondering why my USB stick is marked as removable. Is this a bug?
> Of course, if it were a bug, then pmount would be nearly completely useless
> since most USB storage media (except CD/DVD drives) aren't "removable".

At a first glance I'd say this is a bug, yes. Note however that
'removable' is a hint that media *might* disappear with out removing the
device node. The driver might set this flag because some devices, but
not all, behave this way (e.g. card readers) and the driver cannot tell
one from the other. I don't know enought about usb storage to give you a
definite answer. :)


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