removable bit not set for portable USB hard disk.

Gilles Schintgen gilles at
Sun Oct 2 06:40:40 PDT 2005

> So this is a bug in pmount that
> has nothing to do with HAL.

Well, thank you all for clearing things up.
Just for reference (I should have included it in the original post), here's
pmount's output:

$ pmount --debug /dev/sdb1
resolved /dev/sdb1 to device /dev/sdb1
mount point to be used: /media/sdb1
no iocharset given, current locale encoding is UTF-8
locale encoding uses UTF-8, setting iocharset to 'utf8'
Cleaning lock directory /var/lock/pmount/_dev_sdb1
device_whitelist: checking /etc/pmount.allow...
device_whitlisted(): nothing matched, returning 0
find_sysfs_device: looking for sysfs directory for device 8:17
find_sysfs_device: checking whether /dev/sdb1 is on /sys/block/sdb (8:16)
find_sysfs_device: major device numbers match
find_sysfs_device: minor device numbers do not match, checking
partitions...find_sysfs_device: checking whether device /dev/sdb1 matches
partition 8:16
find_sysfs_device: checking whether device /dev/sdb1 matches partition 8:17
find_sysfs_device: -> partition matches, belongs to block
device /sys/block/sdb
device_removable: corresponding block device for /dev/sdb1 is /sys/block/sdb
get_blockdev_attr: value of /sys/block/sdb/removable == 0
Error: device /dev/sdb1 is not removable
policy check failed

Well, I'll have to contact the pmount people...



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