Using HAL for X Server Config Properties?

Johnson, Charles F charles.f.johnson at
Wed Oct 5 15:07:42 PDT 2005


I'm currently looking at seeing what it would take to make the X server
support hotplug of input and display devices.  (X Server Auto Config I
call it.)  

I was wondering if it makes sense to add a Functional Property to HAL
which could be used to expose X11 Server properties for the different
input and display devices supported by the X server ??  I admit that my
knowledge of HAL is not very deep at this point.  So feel free to tell
me to go back and RTFM.

A paritial example could be:

x11.type = 'pointer'
x11.driver = 'mouse'

But is this kind of information what was intended for the Functional
Property namespaces ?? 


Charles Johnson
Intel Corp.

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