Using HAL for X Server Config Properties?

Pierre Ossman drzeus-list at
Thu Oct 6 06:46:59 PDT 2005

Richard Hughes wrote:
>> A paritial example could be:
>> x11.type = 'pointer'
>> x11.driver = 'mouse'
>> x11.protocol='IMPS/2'
>> x11.pointer.emulate3buttons='yes'
> IMO, makes sense. You could use a prober to populate this.

Is leaking information from the X server into hal such a good idea? An X 
server does not have very strong ties to hardware and we could in fact 
be running several X servers.

If this is pursued it should probably manifest itself as subnodes of the 
hardware, one for each X server.

Also, if you're a bit paranoid you probably don't want user specific 
information, like X server configurations, leaking into what is 
essentially a system specific database. ;)


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