Using HAL for X Server Config Properties?

Johnson, Charles F charles.f.johnson at
Thu Oct 6 10:48:23 PDT 2005

Actually the X Server has to have quite a bit of knowledge of the
underlying hardware, particularlly on the display side if you  want to
take advantage of such things as HW Accelerated 3D.  The question of
multiple X servers is an interesting aspect that I hadn't considered.  

One question however, why would adding a x11 properly any different that
what has already been done in HAL for ALSA ??  

My real goal here is to investigate what should tbe the proper approach
so that the X server can make use of the hot plug infrastructure of the
underlying Linux system so that we can move away from manually
re-configuring the X server every time a hardware change is made.    

I've CC'd this onto the xorg mailing list also.


--Charles Johnson
Intel Corp.
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>Richard Hughes wrote:
>>> A paritial example could be:
>>> x11.type = 'pointer'
>>> x11.driver = 'mouse'
>>> x11.protocol='IMPS/2'
>>> x11.pointer.emulate3buttons='yes'
>> IMO, makes sense. You could use a prober to populate this.
>Is leaking information from the X server into hal such a good idea? An
>server does not have very strong ties to hardware and we could in fact
>be running several X servers.
>If this is pursued it should probably manifest itself as subnodes of
>hardware, one for each X server.
>Also, if you're a bit paranoid you probably don't want user specific
>information, like X server configurations, leaking into what is
>essentially a system specific database. ;)

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