Problems with acpi and dmidecode

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Oct 10 14:38:19 PDT 2005

My experimental patches failed to work to fix the broken BIOS of a
COMPAQ EVO N160, for reasons that I now realise:

smbios.* is set after acpi_synthesize_hotplug_events is called.

My dmidecode idea made the BIOS correction check in acpi.c.

There are two ways to fix this: 

1. Call hal_util_helper_invoke ("hald-probe-smbios") before we call
acpi_synthesize_hotplug_events (which will work, and hal-probe-smbios
should just exit cleanly with powermacs, as dmidecode isn't found..)

2. We can do the ACPI BIOS corrections in osspec.c (not ideal, as it
leaks the acpi specific bits into a general module)

What's the consensus of the attached patch?

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