AFL 2.0 -> AFL 2.1

David Zeuthen david at
Thu Oct 13 08:13:17 PDT 2005


AFL 2.1 been out for some time, see

My understanding is that a lot of smart people recommend using AFL 2.1
over AFL 2.0 which we are using now. So I suggest we relicense all files
[1] previously licensed under AFL 2.0 as AFL 2.1. All copyright holders
must agree on this so if you are a copyright holder please reply to this
mail and keep the mailing list as the Cc. 

>From looking at the code and ChangeLog, these are the following
copyright holders. If you have copyrighted code and not on this list
please reply too.

 David Zeuthen
 Joe Shaw
 Kay Sievers
 Richard Hughes
 Danny Kukawka
 Ryan Lortie

Please reply to this message to say it's alright to relicense your code.


[1] : Note that some of the files for the Linux backend is only
available under the GPLv2

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