SYNC Weird behaviour in FDI for USB

Saimun Cheng chengsaimun at
Mon Oct 17 20:55:36 PDT 2005

Hello, I am using FC3 2.6.9-1 (the OS version cannot be changed) and

In my stock storage-policy fdi file in 90defaultpolicy/, i have the
".... volume.policy.mount_option.sync" type="bool">true</merge>" for
hotpluggable < 2GB.

The issue lies in the fact that for this fdi file, my OS do a sync-ing only
a few seconds after it finished saving my files(light of usb stop blinking).

My questions are

1) is this considering a behaviour of SYNC turned on as seen in my fdi file?

2) How can i reduce the time lag so that syncing is done immediately?
3) I am looking at a SYNC solution for immediate syncing. What are the
tweaks required.

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