hal sometimes creates volumes for raw device and partitions

Martin Pitt martin at piware.de
Fri Oct 21 08:51:28 PDT 2005

Hi hal developers!

With some devices, hal creates a volume node for both the raw device
(/dev/sda) and the partitions on it (like /dev/sda1). This can be
produced pretty reliably by mkdosfs'ing the raw device, and then
partitioning sda and mkdosfs'ing sda1. It seems that the first blocks
sometimes still have a valid file system signature, despite a valid
partition table being there as well. This leads to undesired effects
like invalid drives in gnome-vfs and failed mounts.

See https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=13140 for details, hal
debug output, etc.

Rather than trying to fiddle with drive_id and volume_id, can we
implement a simple sanity check that does not create a volume for the
raw device when there are already partition volumes, and removes a raw
volume as soon as a partition volume arrives?

Thanks for any comment, and have a nice day!


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