hal doesn't recognize mounting of devices

Kay Sievers kay.sievers at vrfy.org
Sun Oct 23 13:42:18 PDT 2005

On Sat, Oct 22, 2005 at 07:46:25AM +0200, Thomas Gufler wrote:
> Danny Kukawka schrieb:
> >On Friday 21 October 2005 17:54, Thomas Gufler wrote:
> >>
> >>I have some troubles with hal-0.5.4 not recognizing the mounting status
> >>of my partitions/devices.
> >>hal's "volume.is_mounted"  property is always "false", even for my root
> >>partition. For this reason neither konqueror nor nautilus show the
> >>content of mounted partitions/discs but fail with an error message.
> >
> >Hm, this works for me perfect (hal-0.5.4 (and also CVS version), udev-068, 
> >kernel 2.6.13, SUSE, dbus-0.35-2/0.50).
> >
> I've tried different dbus/hal/udev versions - without any luck. Except 
> this error hal seems to work fine.
> >>I'm using hal-0.5.4, dbus-0.36.2, udev-070, kernel 2.6.13 on a gentoo
> >>system.
> >
> >Maybe a missconfigured kernel without netlink support (is this possible?) ?
> >
> I cannot fine a netlink option in the kernel configuration system. There 
> is also no "NETLINK" in the .config file.

This is the option, NETLINK can't be disabled without diabling all
  kay at pim:~/src/linux-2.6> grep KOBJECT_UEVENT .config

Try running (as root):

and watch, if the kernel send you events if you mount manually:
  pim:~ # udevmonitor
  udevmonitor prints the received event from the kernel [UEVENT]
  and the event which udev sends out after rule processing [UDEV]

  UEVENT[1130099844] mount@/block/sdb/sdb1
  UEVENT[1130099851] umount@/block/sdb/sdb1


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