Does pmount honor mount_root?

Martin Pitt martin at
Sun Oct 23 23:30:56 PDT 2005

Hi Chris!

Chris Atkinson [2005-10-22 18:06 -0400]:
> However, my usb stick continues to be mounted under /media rather
> than /mnt. lshal shows that the change to /mnt has taken.
> I suspect pmount, since man pmount indicates that it "will mount device
> to a directory below /media" and further the above syntax worked back
> in the day of fstab-sync .

Right. /media is fixed in pmount at compile time. pmount itself knows
nothing about hal. The hal information is fed to pmount over the
pmount-hal wrapper.

The reasons are twofold:

 - pmount should have as little dependencies as possible, since it
   runs with root privileges. Adding big dependencies like dbus, hal,
   glib, and so on is out of question.

 - When I designed pmount, I wanted its policy to be self-contained,
   i. e. not depend on external and possibly untrusted information.
   When pmount was written, hal was an untrusted source of
   information. It got much better nowadays, though.

Since the FHS prescribes /media as the path for removable media, this
limitation does not hurt too bad IMHO. If you really want to change
it, rebuilding pmount is easy enough.



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