Does pmount honor mount_root?

Aristid Breitkreuz aribrei at
Tue Oct 25 06:19:19 PDT 2005


this is my first posting to the HAL list :-)

Martin Pitt wrote:

>It is a security issue; you would not want an user mounting his USB
>stick over /usr, /tmp, /home, or other sensitive directories. pmount
>already checks that nothing else is mounted on the target mount point,
>though, but better safe than sorry. :-)
How about black-/whitelisting directories and then make it a runtime option?

>Right now the /media path is hardcoded into the .c files; since pmount
>is now autotoolized, I can make this a configure option, but the use
>case of changing this patch is not big enough to justify adding a
>runtime option (and introduce more bugs :-) ).

I do think that the use case of a big untrusted multiuser which Artem 
pointed out is important enough. I'm sure it'll be bug-free on your 
first attempt.


Thanks, too,


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