Does pmount honor mount_root?

Martin Pitt martin at
Wed Oct 26 03:05:39 PDT 2005

Hi Chris!

Chris Atkinson [2005-10-25 22:25 -0400]:
> >  - When I designed pmount, I wanted its policy to be self-contained,
> >    i. e. not depend on external and possibly untrusted information.
> >    When pmount was written, hal was an untrusted source of
> >    information. It got much better nowadays, though.
> > 
> I'd assume so: all of the various .fdi files can only be written by
> root, so it isn't like random users could use hal to mount things
> where they oughn't be.

Right, but pmount should not pull in the HAL library (and with it
dbus, glib, etc.).


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