hal 0.5.6 "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." released

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Mon Jan 16 17:16:26 PST 2006


HAL 0.5.6 "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." is now available. Download


Changes from HAL

 - new volume_id from udev upstream (Kay Sievers)
 - listen to udev via a socket (Kay Sievers)
 - Another USB card reader common theme (Pozsar Balazs)
 - volume_id version 55 to fix strange FAT detection issues (Kay Sievers)
 - Sony Ericsson mobile phones with Memory Stick (Pro Duo) fdi (Danny Kukawka)
 - Samsung Yepp YP-ST5 fdi (Davide Ferrari)
 - Use hash table for calculated charge rate (Danny Kukawka)
 - Add checks to power management scripts (Danny Kukawka)
 - Move scripts to $(datadir)/hal/scripts (Danny Kukawka)
 - Fix for refreshing battery values on AC adapter transition (Richard Hughes)
 - Add power_management.[can_suspend,can_hibernate] and remove the
   power_management.is_enabled keys (Richard Hughes)
 - Use the new poll-able /proc/mounts file from 2.6.15 (Kay Sievers)
 - Allow strlists to be passed to method calls (Kay Sievers)
 - Add Mount, Unmount, Eject methods to the new org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.
   Volume interface (Kay Sievers)
 - Update driver prop on physical device if class device binds (Kay Sievers)
 - Force 'rate' to be zero if battery is neither charging nor 
   discharging (Ryan Lortie)
 - Fix our DTD file and add validation for fdi files (Artem Kachitchkine)
 - Add Shutdown() and Reboot() methods (Richard Hughes)
 - Add HAL_METHOD_INVOKED_BY_UID to method call environment (Kay Sievers)
 - Switch from xattr to .create-by-hal-file at mount point to determine
   if a mount point is created by HAL's Mount() method (Kay Sievers)
 - Remove HAL-created mount points at startup (Kay Sievers)
 - SCSI generic device recognizition (Kay Sievers)
 - Restrict org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume to the console user (Kay Sievers)
 - Set drive_type to 'disk' for new TYPE_RBC (Firewire) devices (Danny Kukawka)
 - Added TEAC CD-R55S to list of broken CD/DVD burner (Danny Kukawka)
 - Move uid_export to root scope to avoid corruption (Aaron Bockover)
 - Introduce volume.mount.valid_options and generalize mount 
   script (David Zeuthen)
 - Remove dead code in lshal (Danny Kukawka)
 - Add neeeded NULL termination of an array (Chris Spiegel, fd.o #5279)
 - Also let uid 0 invoke methods restricted to console user (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix more vulnerabilities in script for Mount(), Unmount(), Eject()
   (Kay Sievers, David Zeuthen)
 - Add battery.reporting.* to UPS'es (David Zeuthen)
 - Fixup a few compiler warnings (Danny Kukawka)
 - UK translations (Ivan Petrouchtchak)
 - V4L and DVB device recognizition (Kay Sievers)
 - Match on info.capabilities, not info.category (John Palmieri)
 - Sony PSP music player fdi file (James Henstridge, fd.o #5137)
 - Fix incorrect reporting of volume.fsuage in libhal-storage (David Zeuthen)
 - Introduce volume.ignore property, document it, make it available
   in libhal-storage and make our Mount() script respect it (David Zeuthen)
 - Add optical disc write speeds (Ryan Lortie, Danny Kukuwka)
 - Use D-BUS calls for powersaved backend (Holger Macht)

Requirements for HAL 0.5.6 "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."

 - Linux kernel  >= 2.6.15
 - util-linux    >= 2.13
 - bash          >= 2.0
 - udev          >= 078       (using udevsend as hotplug multiplexer)
 - dbus          >= 0.60      (with glib bindings)
 - glib          >= 2.6.0
 - expat         >= 1.95.8
 - popt          >= 1.10.2    (optional)
 - libusb        >= 0 0.1.10a (optional)
 - dmidecode     >= 2.7       (optional)


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