HAL "Unmaintained piece of crap" released

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Wed Jul 26 11:57:45 PDT 2006


HAL "Unmaintained piece of crap" is now available from


This is a maintenance release focusing on compatibility with kernels
later than Linux 2.6.17. Not a lot of changes, so the upgrade for most
vendors (with their own set of patches that already made it to hal CVS
HEAD) should be smooth. Please upgrade soon, as Linux > 2.6.17 will
break HAL due to changes in sysfs layout. 

Also, HAL 0.5.8, with lots of bug fixes and new features, should be out
soon now but may not be suitable for updates to some distributions
because of newly introduced dependencies in CVS HEAD. Hence this
maintenance release.

Changes from HAL 0.5.7 "Dead as Dillinger":

 - Backport fixes from HEAD to cope with sysfs layout changes in Linux
   kernels later than Linux 2.6.17 (Kay Sievers)

Requirements for HAL "Unmaintained piece of crap."

 - Linux kernel     >= 2.6.15
 - util-linux       >= 2.13
 - bash             >= 2.0
 - udev             >= 078       (using udevsend as hotplug multiplexer)
 - dbus             >= 0.60      (with glib bindings)
 - glib             >= 2.6.0
 - expat            >= 1.95.8
 - libusb           >= 0 0.1.10a (optional)
 - dmidecode        >= 2.7       (optional)
 - cryptsetup-luks  => 1.0.1     (optional, needs LUKS patches)


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