[PATCH] libvolume_id fixes for solaris

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Tue Mar 7 10:52:51 PST 2006

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 10:16 -0800, Artem Kachitchkine wrote:
> The idea is that a filesystem vendor supplies not only the filesytem
> kernel 
> module, but also a set of tools that Solaris filesystem infrastructure
> requires:

It would be useful if you could get said vendors to supply patches to
volume_id, thanks :-)

> The only ones 
> outside HAL who care about fs type are sysadmins and fs management tools.

If the filesystem is not supported, e.g. HAL throws the
UnknownFileSystem on Mount(), gnome-mount displays

 Volume 'My Windows(tm) Data' uses a file system ('ntfs') that
 is not supported by your system.

                                   [Install Driver...]  [Close]

where "Install Driver..." on Fedora could search your configured RPM
repositories for an RPM with "Provides: kernel-module-filesystem-ntfs"
or something [1]. Lots of other use cases for clever things to do when
we don't have the driver bits already.

OK, so we don't have the "Install Driver..." button just yet but that's
mainly due to Fedora packaging issues wrt. to kernel modules (these are
currently being resolved) :-)


[1] : Fedora Core explicitly disables the ntfs driver in the Linux
kernel for obvious reasons

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