Information required:

Artem Kachitchkine Artem.Kachitchkin at Sun.COM
Sun Mar 12 15:06:52 PST 2006

> I guess machines, in g-p-m I translate all these permutations to
> "Lithium Ion", but want to make the hal spec a bit more concrete and a
> bit less random so other stuff than g-p-m can benefit.

I'm just trying to clarify if this is beautification or has any functional 
dependencies. From your words, there doesn't seem to be a standard for reporting 
battery technology among battery vendors, so there will always be some creative 
spellings HAL won't recognize. If that merely means that some GUI shows me 
"unknown technology" or something, that's fine. OTOH, if there's program logic 
based on this property and unrecognized technology means loss of functionality 
to me, then we're getting ourselves into trouble by creating an illusion of 
order in an inherently chaotic system.


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