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Matthias Bläsing matthias.blaesing at rwth-aachen.de
Wed Mar 22 13:47:47 PST 2006

[Diskussion around inclorrect recognised Volname of CD, where primary
and joliet descriptor disagree]

> Ok, I found it in cdrtools/mkisofs/name.c:
>   if (c == '/')
>           c = '_';
> Seems you can't bypass this behaviour. I made an ISO CD and tried it on
> Windows XP and it shows the Joliet Label without the '/' too, which makes
> sense.
> So just avoid '/' in the name, or try to get mkisofs fixed to translate
> the name in the primary record too (which we use if it's identical but
> longer) or don't translate the name in the second record.

Jeah, now I know it, replaced the slash with a + and I get the whole
label - great ;-)

Thanks for help


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