Patch for portable_audio_player spec

Gabriel Burt gabriel.burt at
Sun Mar 26 15:35:49 PST 2006

After some further consideration, I think the
portable_audio_player.filepath_format property should be removed and a
new property, folder_depth, should be created.  The main point of the
filepath_format property was to convey whether the device only supported
a limited file hierarchy, but it ended up conveying much more than that
- specifying exactly what directory structure the music files should go
in, when that's really not appropriate (since the hardware doesn't care
except in the hierarchy depth case).  The folder to write files out to
can be taken from the first entry in the audio_folders property.  This
change will allow the application to choose the appropriate directory
structure (/podcasts/NPR/****, /Artist/Album/00 - Title, etc).

I've attached a patch that make this change in the as
well as another patch that adds some of these new properties for a few
audio devices.


Gabriel Burt
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