rework HAL LInux coldplug to work with future kernel changes

Artem Kachitchkine Artem.Kachitchkin at Sun.COM
Wed Sep 20 11:05:47 PDT 2006

> What are you trying to tell here? I'm just for not calling it "bus", but
> "subsystem", and remove the word "physical" from the properties, that's
> all. I don't see any problem to match on subsystem=="ide", if you insist
> making assumptions about the type of device with such properties. I
> don't really see the point though, and HAL should not try do do stuff
> that can never be correct.

As I said in the first email, I'm trying to clarify the terminology. There is 
currently no "subsystem" namespace or property in the HAL spec - you seemed to 
propose to introduce one and I was trying to understand what "subsystem" would 
really signify (on all OSes).

Regarding removing the word physical, I'm guessing you mean properties like 
storage.physical_device and net.physical_device? I'm guessing you're not 
suggesting to remove all properties described in the Physical Properties chapter 
of the HAL spec.

Just a friendly inquiry, a spark of curiosity if you will :)


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