Detecting exploding batteries, part 2

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Sun Sep 24 13:20:34 PDT 2006

Attached is a patch to add three new keys:


The FDI file currently matches against the battery models in but I intend to add the other
batteries from Sony and HP (when I get sent the data) and hopefully
Apple also if we can get the info from PMU.

In the event of another manufacturer recall, a single fdi update can be
pushed to distros, greatly improving the effectiveness of the recall
notice for laptop users IMO.

I'm already considering UI for the user, at the moment implemented in
gnome-power-manager, but there's no reason kpowersave (or equiv)
couldn't do this also. More details in my blog entry[1].

This patch depends on the previous patch to fix the value of
battery.model when it includes spaces.

Comments please,


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