[patch] spec: Update alsa namespace to include virtual device

Lennart Poettering mzuny at 0pointer.de
Mon Aug 27 07:47:20 PDT 2007

On Mon, 27.08.07 16:34, Marcel Holtmann (marcel at holtmann.org) wrote:

> At some point in the future we gonna integrate Bluetooth much deeper
> into HAL as currently done. Right now we only see the kernel side of
> Bluetooth represented in HAL. This needs some restructure to make it
> work smoothly and needs some extra time, but we are getting there.

If the bt devices are exported in sysfs in the kernel already it is no
longer hal that synthesizes them. Which makes these things much
cleaner I would say.

Synthesizing virtual devices at the HAL level doesn't look like such a
good idea to me, smells kludgy. But doing this on a lower level might
make sense.

But anyway, it's your call, you're the BT guru.

> > OTOH i must say that this would make it very easy for me to add bt
> > support to PA, so I am not inherently opposed. However, I don't really
> > think going through ALSA for bt audio makes too much sense for PA. It
> > is probably better to integrate bt and PA directly, without having
> > this unnecessary abstraction in between.
> I am currently working on the GStreamer sink. If you provide an exported
> plugin API for PulseAudio, you can have that easily. Otherwise it might
> not happen.

A stable plugin API is not going to happen anytime soon, sorry. Also,
it is not really practical to develop plugins out-of-tree. I
acknowledge the demand for it, but the plugin API is just too quickly

Hmm, I'd love to add proper BT support to PA myself, but unfortunately
I lack the hardware for it. It would be much easier to keep it up to
date for me then.

Hmm, I will try to get myself a bt headset.


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