Patch for old CD-RW and DVD drives

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Wed Aug 29 13:16:50 PDT 2007


An additional point to note:
Nautilus-cd-burner used to contain code to provide this info when HAL failed.  That's where I got the code from.  This was last present in N-C-D 2.14.3 (last date in the sources is 31/07/06): the next version was (as reported in 2.15 from 22/08/06.  Debian Stable uses NCD 2.14.3.
Debian Testing uses 2.18.2, from 29/05/07, so you have not actually had very long to discover that there are quite a number of folks out there with old CD drives that used to work and that will no longer do so.

I chose to add the functionality to HAL rather than to put it back into N-C-D because it seemed a cleaner and more general place to put it.

I believe another drive with the problem is the TEAC CD-W516EB.

I have also checked Fedora: there is an issue of Fedora Core 5 in October last year that was still using N-C-D 2.14.3.

Centos 4 (RHEL4?) has a very old version of N-C-D, while Centos 5 might have problems as it uses 2.16 (available from Sept 2006 at the earliest).



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Subject: RE: Patch for old CD-RW and DVD drives
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 22:33:35 +0100

Not sure about age, and I'll admit my CD drive is old, but I believe the patch works for the following devices:
N.E.C. ND1300A

(Mine's the LG, others from having supplied patch to Ubuntu and getting reports from others).


> From: danny.kukawka at
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> Subject: Re: Patch for old CD-RW and DVD drives
> Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:22:26 +0200
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> On Donnerstag, 16. August 2007, David Castelow wrote:
> > Danny,
> >
> > Just wondering if you (or anyone else active in HAL development) had any
> > views on the patch I sent to the list at the beginning of August?
> >
> > It was to fix a problem with old CD-RW drives, where the disc is not
> > recognised.
> > In case you were concerned about the format of the attached data, I've put
> > it in line this time, as it is quite short.
> >
> > The change is based on code in the equivalent file from an old version of
> > Nautilus-CD-Burner, also originally by Andy Polyakov.
> About how old devices do we speak? Which devices do support only MMC-1 ?
> Danny

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