[PATCH] a library and, uh, a PAM module

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Tue Feb 27 21:38:19 PST 2007


Here are some patches to add one library and one PAM module so other
programs (apart from gdm) can easily interact with ConsoleKit. It's
mainly going to be used, I think, by login(1) and xinit(1). I'm not
super happy about doing a PAM module but the Fedora util-linux package
maintainer seems to be insist on this instead of just patching login(1).
The PAM module isn't built by default. Both pieces of code are licensed
under the MIT license as god knows what might want to use them. Sounds
good to you?

Also, in HAL I have a small library for tracking CK seats and sessions
including caching this for quick look ups (avoiding IPC), see


Perhaps this would be useful to have in ConsoleKit as well?

Thanks for considering.


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