[Patch] Lenovo Thinkpad T61 fdi update for suspend

Andreas Schneider mail at cynapses.org
Sat Jul 7 14:28:17 PDT 2007


attached is a patch to support suspend on my new T61.

gladiac at krikkit:~> lshal | grep system.hardware
  system.hardware.product = '766314G'  (string)
  system.hardware.serial = 'L3B6097'  (string)
  system.hardware.uuid = '25D6E501-4976-11CB-BAFB-F3BEC990E6E0'  (string)
  system.hardware.vendor = 'LENOVO'  (string)
  system.hardware.version = 'ThinkPad T61'  (string)

Looks like the buttons are working just fine else here is the button output:

Supported Keys:
  Key  0x00  (Reserved)
  Key  0x01  (Escape)
  Key  0x02  (1)
  Key  0x03  (2)
  Key  0x04  (3)
  Key  0x05  (4)
  Key  0x06  (5)
  Key  0x07  (6)
  Key  0x08  (7)
  Key  0x09  (8)
  Key  0x0a  (9)
  Key  0x0b  (0)
  Key  0x0c  (-)
  Key  0x0d  (=)
  Key  0x0e  (Backspace)
  Key  0x0f  (Tab)
  Key  0x10  (Q)
  Key  0x11  (W)
  Key  0x12  (E)
  Key  0x13  (R)
  Key  0x14  (T)
  Key  0x15  (Y)
  Key  0x16  (U)
  Key  0x17  (I)
  Key  0x18  (O)
  Key  0x19  (P)
  Key  0x1a  ([)
  Key  0x1b  (])
  Key  0x1c  (Enter)
  Key  0x1d  (LH Control)
  Key  0x1e  (A)
  Key  0x1f  (S)
  Key  0x20  (D)
  Key  0x21  (F)
  Key  0x22  (G)
  Key  0x23  (H)
  Key  0x24  (J)
  Key  0x25  (K)
  Key  0x26  (L)
  Key  0x27  (;)
  Key  0x28  (')
  Key  0x29  (`)
  Key  0x2a  (LH Shift)
  Key  0x2b  (\)
  Key  0x2c  (Z)
  Key  0x2d  (X)
  Key  0x2e  (C)
  Key  0x2f  (V)
  Key  0x30  (B)
  Key  0x31  (N)
  Key  0x32  (M)
  Key  0x33  (,)
  Key  0x34  (.)
  Key  0x35  (/)
  Key  0x36  (RH Shift)
  Key  0x37  (*)
  Key  0x38  (LH Alt)
  Key  0x39  (Space)
  Key  0x3a  (CapsLock)
  Key  0x3b  (F1)
  Key  0x3c  (F2)
  Key  0x3d  (F3)
  Key  0x3e  (F4)
  Key  0x3f  (F5)
  Key  0x40  (F6)
  Key  0x41  (F7)
  Key  0x42  (F8)
  Key  0x43  (F9)
  Key  0x44  (F10)
  Key  0x45  (NumLock)
  Key  0x46  (ScrollLock)
  Key  0x47  (KeyPad 7)
  Key  0x48  (KeyPad 8)
  Key  0x49  (Keypad 9)
  Key  0x4a  (KeyPad Minus)
  Key  0x4b  (KeyPad 4)
  Key  0x4c  (KeyPad 5)
  Key  0x4d  (KeyPad 6)
  Key  0x4e  (KeyPad Plus)
  Key  0x4f  (KeyPad 1)
  Key  0x50  (KeyPad 2)
  Key  0x51  (KeyPad 3)
  Key  0x52  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x53  (KeyPad decimal point)
  Key  0x55  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x56  (Beats me...)
  Key  0x57  (F11)
  Key  0x58  (F12)
  Key  0x59  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x5a  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x5b  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x5c  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x5d  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x5e  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x5f  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x60  (Keypad Enter)
  Key  0x61  (RH Control)
  Key  0x62  (KeyPad Forward Slash)
  Key  0x63  (System Request)
  Key  0x64  (RH Alternate)
  Key  0x66  (Home)
  Key  0x67  (Up)
  Key  0x68  (Page Up)
  Key  0x69  (Left)
  Key  0x6a  (Right)
  Key  0x6b  (End)
  Key  0x6c  (Down)
  Key  0x6d  (Page Down)
  Key  0x6e  (Insert)
  Key  0x6f  (Delete)
  Key  0x70  (Macro)
  Key  0x71  (Mute)
  Key  0x72  (Volume Down)
  Key  0x73  (Volume Up)
  Key  0x74  (Power)
  Key  0x75  (KeyPad Equal)
  Key  0x76  (KeyPad +/-)
  Key  0x77  (Pause)
  Key  0x79  (KeyPad comma)
  Key  0x7a  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x7b  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x7c  (Unknown key)
  Key  0x7d  (LH Meta)
  Key  0x7e  (RH Meta)
  Key  0x80  (Stop)
  Key  0x8c  (Calculator)
  Key  0x8d  (Setup)
  Key  0x8e  (Sleep)
  Key  0x8f  (Wakeup)
  Key  0x96  (Web Browser)
  Key  0x98  (Coffee)
  Key  0x99  (Direction)
  Key  0x9b  (Mail)
  Key  0x9c  (Book Marks)
  Key  0x9d  (Computer)
  Key  0x9e  (Back)
  Key  0x9f  (Forward)
  Key  0xa3  (Next Song)
  Key  0xa4  (Play and Pause)
  Key  0xa5  (Previous Song)
  Key  0xa6  (Stop CD)
  Key  0xad  (Refresh)
  Key  0xb7  (F13)
  Key  0xb8  (F14)
  Key  0xb9  (F15)
  Key  0xd9  (Unknown key)
  Key  0xe2  (Media)
Buttons/Keys: 147



	-- andreas

http://www.cynapses.org/ - cybernetic synapses

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