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Wed Jun 20 06:05:18 PDT 2007

Hello David,
hello everybody

I'm an engineer of information science and I work for Padua University.
I just prepared a CD Live of Fedora Core 6 for my students and I have the necessity of mounting
all fat32 and ntfs partition in read-write-execute mode for user fedora (uid 500).
I created an fdi file with right rules for this aim:


I controlled with lshal the properties of all filesystems, but when I mounted the filesystems, hal 
did not passed these parameters to mount
but passed noexec,nodev,nosuid always. (I verified this by substituting /bin/mount with a shell-script)

I workarounded this problem by subtituting the string noexec in binary-file 
/usr/libexec/hal-storage-mount with ",,,,,,,"
six commas and renaming /bin/mount with /bin/mount.orig, then I created a script /bin/mount that 
calls the original mount (renammed)
with the parameters that I want.

Now my question:

is there a series of rules for configuring hal with my mount options or hal refuses insecureoptions 
by default?

Thank You so much.



ing. Nerio Da Canal
nerio at nerio.it <mailto:nerio at nerio.it>
nerio.dacanal at unipd.it
nerio at adt.unipd.it

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