How do I change the mount point path for a USB memory stick?

Barry Scott barry.scott at
Thu Mar 29 01:44:41 PDT 2007

Barry Scott wrote:
> I'm using FC4 with hal-0.5.2-2.
> I want to change the mount point for USB memory sticks.
> I've managed to change the mount point root but I cannot figure out 
> how to change
> the last part of the mount point name.
It turns out that the last part of the name is based on the label of the 
file system
the first time the memory stick is inserted. So changing the label and 
does not change the mount point name.

To get the new label to be used the haldaemon service must be restarted 
or the
system rebooted.

I had assume that the mount point name of UDISK_2_0 was hard wired because
the memory stick is reported in a kernel message as a USB Disk 2.0.


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