[PATCH] ConsoleKit pam module hardcoded path

William Jon McCann mccann at jhu.edu
Fri Mar 30 14:07:18 PDT 2007

Hi Doug,

On 3/29/07, Doug Goldstein <cardoe at gentoo.org> wrote:
> Basically the path for the pam module is hardcoded to /lib/security
> which isn't right. Attached is a patch that uses the value of slibdir
> for /lib/. However, that means the default in configure.ac is wrong for
> slibdir. The default then should just be /lib/. Because from a plain
> ./configure you get the following.
>         prefix:                   /usr/local
>         exec_prefix:              ${prefix}
>         libdir:                   /usr/local/lib
>         bindir:                   /usr/local/bin
>         sbindir:                  /usr/local/sbin
>         slibdir:                  ${exec_prefix}/lib
>         sysconfdir:               /usr/local/etc
>         localstatedir:            /usr/local/var
>         datadir:                  /usr/local/share
>         source code location:     .
>         compiler:                 gcc
>         cflags:                   -g -O2
>         Base libs:                -pthread -ldbus-glib-1 -ldbus-1
> -lgobject-2.0 -lgthread-2.0 -lrt -lglib-2.0
>         Maintainer mode:          no
>         dbus-1 system.d dir:      ${prefix}/etc/dbus-1/system.d
>         Build backend:            linux
>         Build PAM module:         no
>         Build docs:               no
> Which clearly shows that slibdir is defaulting to /usr/local/lib. So
> attached is a second patch to change the defaults. I'm also experiencing
> the same issues with this that Andreas Hanke was getting with hal-info
> (I had some patched bits to autoconf that were making stuff work.. sorry
> about before Andreas).

Thanks for the patches.

I've committed the patch to use $slibdir but not the one to default to
/lib.  I'm still looking for a better solution that doesn't make it
harder to build to a prefix.  Open to suggestions.

For now you should be able to use the configure --with-slibdir=/lib

> There's also an issue with it building static versions of the pam
> module. However that I'm a bit confused about since it has -module
> passed to it.


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