Multimedia quirks -> xmodmap?

Roland Wolters wolters.liste at
Sat Aug 2 16:09:06 PDT 2008

Hi there,

recently I bought a new keyboard - luckily the key presses are all deteced for 
example in xev, so there are no kernel error messages with any keys to fix. 
So, if I got that part right, the HAL Keymap Quirks are not required.

However, to use the keys on the keyboard they must actually be mapped, for 
example with xmodmap. I can load a xmodmap file manually or during startup to 
get all the keys mapped. And that is ridicolous - a Laptop with a docking 
station and good suspend/resume support is likely to switch the keyboard 
several times without restarting.

Therefore I do wonder what can be done to load the right xmodmap file when a 
new keyboard is attached or unplugged, or how to do the mapping otherwise.

The most straightforward idea I had was to write a udev rule which triggers on 
a specific keyboard plugin to load a specific xmodmap. Once the keyboard is 
unplugger the default xmodmap is loaded. udev is indeed finegrained enough to 
trigger only on certain keyboard models of certain vendors.

But that require maybe too many udev rules. Is there a better/different way to 
handle this?
Or is the problem already solved without me recognizing it?


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