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David Zeuthen wrote:
| On Sun, 2007-12-23 at 03:28 -0500, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
|> I'm starting to bring the FreeBSD port of HAL up to 0.5.10, and this
|> requires a big PolicyKit overhaul.  I have successfully ported 0.7 to
|> FreeBSD (in that it builds without warnings or errors), but I would like
|> to test it before going further.  I know there are unit tests, but they
|> depend heavily on Linux, and I'd rather just get a few "real world"
|> examples to run through before moving on to the port of HAL itself.
|> If there are some things I can try to confirm the port works, please let
|> me know.  Once I know the port is working, I will forward on my patches.
|> Thanks.
| What is so Linux specific about it? IIRC there are only three kernel
| specific functions, all nicely in src/polkit/polkit-sysdeps.c.

A lot is Linux-specific, actually:

* Assumes all platforms have clearenv(), strndup(), readdir64(), and
getline() (not true on FreeBSD and Solaris except for readdir64())

* Requires Linux's inotify, and includes inotify.h in some places where
it doesn't need to

* Leaves out some important headers needed for compilation on non-Linux

* And as you said, assumes a Linux /proc (in sysdeps)

I have created portability patches for each of these problems that
should be easily accepted upstream.

I would just like some hints on how to properly test it.


|       David

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