How does HAL choose the event device to listen on?

Jason Xia jasonxh at
Wed Jan 16 18:14:38 PST 2008

Thanks for pointing it out, though I've come up with pretty much the
same patch already. I've searched all over the web before, still not
able to get to your bug report. Shame for google ;)

Let's just pray that someone in charge applies it soon.

Ben Liblit wrote:
> Jason Xia wrote:
>> Hope HAL adds support for this tiny [SW_RADIO] bit in near future.
> I discovered the same problem myself.  See 
> <> for my gradual 
> process of discovery, culminating in a patch that adds SW_RADIO support. 
>   Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that any HAL developer has looked at 
> this.  So that clean, well-tested patch is just sitting there waiting 
> for someone to apply it.  :-(
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